“I needed to find a regular discipline to learn French as we have bought a property in France and like to spend as much time there as possible.   Where we are in the southwest, there are not too many English-speaking people but the main reason for learning is for the joy of being able to parler with locals, new friends and neighbours. The ProLanguageTraining course is a great way of understanding and learning the language and is kept interesting by the great group of people in our class and the pleasant, patient and skilful way that our tutor works us.   It’s nice to actually look forward to the lesson and I am making progress and gaining confidence whilst still appreciating that there is a long way to go”.

G. Stenzhorn, Energy Broker, Corporate Risks | AonBenfield

Interpreting services

Our interpreters are fully qualified to give accurate interpretation from one language into English and vice versa.  


They operate in a range of situations:

  • Interpreting in court for witness testimony or cross examination
  • Interpreting in a police station to obtain a statement from a witness or accused
  • Interpreting in a government office such as a Benefits Office to facilitate the interview

Prices for interpreting are based on the interpreter’s time and expenses.

Our guide price per hour includes the work of the interpreter as well as  the travel and subsistence expenses for the delegation. 

We apply discounts for period contracts. This guide price per hour may vary according to location, language, situation and nature of interpretation. 


Because every situation is different, and every case special, simply contact us and explain what you need, when you need it and we will do our best to satisfy these requirements.

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