“I would advise any web designer or anyone creating a website to use the translation services of ProLanguageTraining to develop easily the visibility of their web activity, increase the traffic on their website and their contact within specific niche markets, such as Mandarin/Cantonese, Arabic, or Russian speakers.”

S. Bryant, Director | ABSCHEK

Personal development

This service is developed to boost your confidence whenever you want to feel absolutely serene and secure before an important speech in front of an English-speaking audience or for your private correspondence in any area of your personal life (contacting a new service provider, writing formal complaints, being invited to a huge wedding in Scotland with your in-laws, inviting neighbours and socialising with the British relatives of your partner, contacting a professional for legal / health / financial advice…)

We target the issues which are usually the most problematic to non-native English speakers living in the UK.

We specially target the following issues:
* Regional accents
* Idioms and idiomatic expressions
* Phone conversation, when you cannot even ‘read’ the body language of your interlocutor!
* Fast-paced conversation in stressful or important situations
* Getting sure you are confident in your writing skills & general ability to write in proper formal English (these tricky little who’s and whose, it’s and its, master phrasal verbs,  etc... !)

We aim for our language training to be nothing like school - the emphasis is on providing exciting self-development in a friendly atmosphere.
We use real-life situations, games, role-playing, pictures and original materials to make sure the students can immediately assimilate and use what has been learnt during the lessons.

All our language tutors encourage a fun and relaxed atmosphere which ensures effective and flexible learning.

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