“I needed to find a regular discipline to learn French as we have bought a property in France and like to spend as much time there as possible.   Where we are in the southwest, there are not too many English-speaking people but the main reason for learning is for the joy of being able to parler with locals, new friends and neighbours. The ProLanguageTraining course is a great way of understanding and learning the language and is kept interesting by the great group of people in our class and the pleasant, patient and skilful way that our tutor works us.   It’s nice to actually look forward to the lesson and I am making progress and gaining confidence whilst still appreciating that there is a long way to go”.

G. Stenzhorn, Energy Broker, Corporate Risks | AonBenfield

Language assessments

Assessment of Language Skills

To support employers' recruitment, appointment, promotion and training processes ProLanguageTraining can carry out an assessment of the language skills of existing or potential staff, in respect of their conversational, listening, reading and writing skills, in any language, for any role. 

This service is specifically available to employers who will either be able to assess the level of English of  (future) employees from abroad or to employers who wish to know the level of a (future) British employee.


We can provide...


  • Oral English assessments of employees dealing directly with English-speaking customers, or foreign customers in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, security services where it is essential to establish clear communication with your clients).


  • We can assess the telephone speaking and listening skills of local and overseas staff for call centres.


  • We test the foreign language skills of (potential or current) staff working in tourist environments (tour companies, help desks in amusement parks, tourist attractions) with clients from abroad.


  • We can test the sign language skills of staff dealing with disabled customers or patients.


...And we will adapt our service to your specific requirements.



Assessments can be face to face on your premises or over the telephone.  They can be short – 10 minutes – or lengthy – 90 minutes.

Prices for language skills assessment are based on tutor time.

Our guide price is per assessment and per student although there can be discounts for groups or period contracts. The price will vary according to location, language, level or nature of assessment whether face to face or telephone. 

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