“The relaxed, fun atmosphere in our French classes and our tutor’s friendly, clear teaching has allowed my confidence to soar – particularly in conversing “off-script” on a wide range of subjects. I am now able to assist in supporting our French clients and my travels in France have been greatly enhanced now that I can converse with the locals. I believe the convenient on-site lessons and the small class sizes make this course absolutely the best way to learn French for anyone who can’t live in France full time (but wish they could!).”

K. Thomson, Risk Software Technical Lead | Benfield Group

Cultural awareness training

Learn everything of the business and culture, customs and practices of your counterparts when overseas

Understand how to interact successfully and without faux-pas abroad!

Create and build a real rapport when doing business wherever your company operates

Feel comfortable and fully aware when on a business trip ...or when off-duty!



At  ProLanguageTraining, we understand your vital needs to build a successful rapport with locals even if you cannot yet master fully the local language or idiom.

Our cultural awareness course includes linguistic elements (idiomatic expressions, vocabulary, basic structures) as well as key perspectives on how to operate and get things done in a foreign environment.


The training is proposed

  • in groups or one to one, face to face
  • with experienced nationals
  • with a content focused on your specific objectives
  • at a pace and place suitable with your time-table: from a workshop seminar (1day) to a couple of  hours several times a week.


Feel free to phone us and explain what you really need, your objectives, details about your company or your specific industry: for you, ProLanguageTraining will build a cultural awareness training adapted to these technical, professional or geographical requirements.

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