“We used the translation services for our internal brochures / publications, it was spot on. We just sent a word file, received a free estimate, agreed on the price and before we realised, everything was done and ready to be sent to the printer in the various languages we needed. Excellent quality, and always trying their very best for their customers.”

M. Smith-Clare, Marketing Manager | Gazprom

English training

Do you want to...

Improve your business English?

Feel more secure when contacting your clients or presenting your ideas in public?

Develop your written skills and master business correspondence in English?

Be ready and confident when cold-calling prospective clients?


ProLanguageTraining proposes language solutions tailored to suit your personal or professional needs

  • at your pace
  • in a group or one-to-one, face-to-face
  • with the content you choose, to achieve your personal objectives
  • at a time and pace suitable with your time-table


The tuition can be either organised around professional objectives (writing reports, business correspondence, presentation skills…)  or around personal objectives (improving drastically your day-to-day English, prior to a big event like a speech or simply make sure you get the most of living in the UK!) …and of course anything in between: since the course is entirely focused on you, you will simply decide with us how to organise the content of your course!


Courses are delivered in series of 20 flexible hours which you can organise around your time table or the time table of your delegate(s): whether on a business delegation in London for a week or during longer periods, the training will be organised to fit your time table, not the other way round!


Even better, the training can start on an intensive mode (full-day or half  a day workshops) then 'switch' and use the remaining hours in 1h lessons, on a weekly basis!

Business English Training

You need some members of your team to improve their English speaking and/or writing skills?
Following relocation to the UK you would like to make sure you are ready for

Phone calls,

Video conference or

Writing to prospective clients?



  • Free assessments of English language skills to ensure that people of similar ability learn together
  • Tailored courses that enable students to achieve their objectives
  • English language learning processes are adapted to each student's learning preferences -which can vary enormously
  • Hand-picked motivated tutors with exceptional abilities
  • Virtually 100% pass rate for those who choose to take an exam
  • Employers will be provided with review of progress  and with monthly  individual reports if required
  • Evaluation of benefits to the business & student at the end of the course


Our English Language classes are mainly for those who wish to learn English as a Second Language and already live or work in an English-speaking environment.
English classes are face to face learning which can be one-to-one or in small groups.  Tuition is delivered on the day / time of your choice usually directly on your premises or even at yours if you wish so.  Each lesson can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes, or more in the case of our intensive courses.

Learning can be supplemented by Distance Learning Options: It includes telephone discussions and preparations with your tutor, e-mail attachments for written work and material to study as well as an interactive CD-ROM. 

Contact us for a quote!

All our English courses include English speaking, English grammar, listening, reading and writing although we focus on your specific requirements and how you want to use your improved English Language skills. 
We provide courses in communication skills such as e-mail, letter and report writing, listening & discussing in specific environments.


We also provide courses in Presentation Skills – one of the most daunting but valuable experiences, which can change careers within minutes for the better or worse. Our courses are tailored to your personal or professional situation.


Learning may lead to academic or vocational qualifications if desired.  If academic qualifications are required we can offer GCSEs and A levels.  If more practical language qualifications are required, we can offer the London Chamber of Commerce examinations or the Chartered Institute of Linguists examinations, the Cervantes Institute for Spanish, the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie for French, the Goethe Institute for German, Edexel for Arabic, Russian and Chinese, among others.

To find out more about English language examinations and qualifications contact us!

We offer part-time training to those from abroad on short-term assignments in London, as well as to those living in England. This can be either one-to-one or in groups.

We also offer intensive courses in English speaking and writing, tailored to meet employment and/or social needs of individuals both in London and abroad.

Finally we also offer English training on a weekly basis (usually 1.5h a week, with series of 20h)


Contact us for more details:

we entirely customise the course around your specific needs!

How much..?

These tailor-made, face-to-face courses are mostly for employees of the private sector and executives but we charge the same amount for groups of up to three people (providing you all have the same level of course): so it is by far more productive and cost-effective than joining a class of twenty people you do not know!

Learn with your partner, or a colleague at work!

We can, of course, provide for large classes, but smaller groups are the key to real progress.  Studying exactly what you want to learn, with objectives you have set for yourself, and doing so while having great fun!


Your tutor will be able to easily tailor the content of the course, but will also be able to make sure everything is crystal clear: your progress is the only priority.


Any language, with your content, at your pace,

at your time and place!

More information

How does it work?

Simple: send us your details or the details of the students enrolling in a course, we will contact them and organise the training!


  • At the time & place of your choice: before your working day at the office? Around your lunch break? By the end or after your working day? Everything is possible.
  • Training delivered directly on your premises and at the time of your choice: how can it be better?
  • Focusing on the content of your choice: relocation for business, insurance, banking… or simply socialising with new colleagues, clients and friends!
  • Individual Monthly Reports are sent to the training , learning and development or HR department every month to monitor the content of the course and the progress of the student (optional for individual students).

Contact us for a quote!

Personal development

This service is developed to boost your confidence whenever you want to feel absolutely serene and secure before an important speech in front of an English-speaking audience or for your private correspondence in any area of your personal life (contacting a new service provider, writing formal complaints, being invited to a huge wedding in Scotland with your in-laws, inviting neighbours and socialising with the British relatives of your partner, contacting a professional for legal / health / financial advice…)

We target the issues which are usually the most problematic to non-native English speakers living in the UK.

We specially target the following issues:
* Regional accents
* Idioms and idiomatic expressions
* Phone conversation, when you cannot even ‘read’ the body language of your interlocutor!
* Fast-paced conversation in stressful or important situations
* Getting sure you are confident in your writing skills & general ability to write in proper formal English (these tricky little who’s and whose, it’s and its, master phrasal verbs,  etc... !)

We aim for our language training to be nothing like school - the emphasis is on providing exciting self-development in a friendly atmosphere.
We use real-life situations, games, role-playing, pictures and original materials to make sure the students can immediately assimilate and use what has been learnt during the lessons.

All our language tutors encourage a fun and relaxed atmosphere which ensures effective and flexible learning.

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