“The relaxed, fun atmosphere in our French classes and our tutor’s friendly, clear teaching has allowed my confidence to soar – particularly in conversing “off-script” on a wide range of subjects. I am now able to assist in supporting our French clients and my travels in France have been greatly enhanced now that I can converse with the locals. I believe the convenient on-site lessons and the small class sizes make this course absolutely the best way to learn French for anyone who can’t live in France full time (but wish they could!).”

K. Thomson, Risk Software Technical Lead | Benfield Group

Foreign language training

You would love to learn a foreign language?

You would like to revive your dormant knowledge of a foreign language?

You need to improve your writing skills for business correspondence?

You need to feel confident with a speech you have to deliver?


Use your language skills to enhance your existing profile!

Make yourself a valuable asset to your team!

Make the most of your time abroad!


ProLanguageTraining offers language solutions tailored to suit your personal or professional needs:


  • at your pace
  • in a small group or in a one-to-one, face-to-face environment
  • with the content you choose to achieve your personal objectives
  • at a time and place suitable to your time-table!


Which languages?


ProLanguageTraining provides a very extensive range of language training:

All the main European Languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Danish, ...

…among others: just contact us and we will provide a qualified, native tutor in the language of your choice!


But we also propose tuition in World Languages, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic…

Just let us know which language you or your employees are interested in, we will provide you with a qualified, native tutor in the said language.

As simple as that!

How does it work?

Simple: send us your details or the details of the students enrolling in a course, and we will contact them to organise the training (day, time, level, etc). We will then confirm these details with the person booking the lessons ( Human Resources, Talent team, Training Department or the individual student)


Tailored to your needs

Students will receive the language training of their choice, with the locale of their choice: Brazilian Portuguese is not exactly like Portuguese, so why to learn Brazilian Portuguese with a Portuguese tutor?

Your tutor, in that case, will be a qualified, experienced Brazilian national.



Tuition will take place at the time & place of your choice: before your working day at the office, around your lunch break or maybe by the end or after your working day?

Courses are delivered in series of 20 flexible hours which you can organise around your time-table or the time-table of your delegate(s): whether on a business delegation in London for a week or during longer periods, the training will be organised to fit your time-table, not the other way round!

Even better, the training can start on an intensive mode (full-day or half day workshops) then 'switch' and use the remaining hours in 1h lessons, on a weekly basis!

...Everything is possible!

Training with ProLanguageTraining is delivered directly onto your premises and at the time of your choice: it cannot be easier… and you will not find a better service!

The content of the course itself will depend on your objectives: relocation for business, insurance, banking… or simply organising a BBQ with your neighbours abroad!


Easily managed

Assessment and Course Objectives

Following the first meeting, an Assessment and Course Objective form will be issued to the training department or to the Human Resources department. It is an assessment of the level of the student at the beginning of the course, and the subjects which will be covered during the course. Another Assessment and Course Objective form is issued at the end of the series, indicating what was achieved and the content of the course if  the student was to continue his training. These forms are optional for private clients.

To monitor the content of the course and the progress of the student,  Individual Monthly Reports (IMR) are also sent to the training department or HR department every month (optional for individual students).

Content, Progress and Administration of the course and of each delegate can be very easily monitored, and proves an essential tool in Human Resources management.

How much..?

These tailor-made, face-to-face courses are mostly for employees of the private sector and executives but we charge the same amount for groups of up to three people (providing you all have the same level of course): so it is by far more productive and cost-effective than joining a class of twenty people you do not know!

Learn with your partner, or a colleague at work!

We can, of course, provide for large classes, but smaller groups are the key to real progress.  Studying exactly what you wanted to learn, with objectives you have set for yourself, and doing so while having great fun!


Your tutor will be able to easily tailor the content of the course, but will also be able to make sure everything is crystal clear: your progress is the only priority.


Any language,

with your content, at your pace,

at your time and place!

Personal development

A partner from abroad?

A dream house in Italy?

Retiring to Provence?

Skiing every year in the Alps?


Learning the language is key to really understand the place, the people around you, and enjoy it all far more!

Our service is developed to boost your confidence whenever you want to feel absolutely serene and secure when interacting with the locals abroad or at home, or for your private correspondence in any area of your personal life (contacting a new service provider, writing formal complaints, being invited to a huge wedding abroad with your in-laws, inviting neighbours for a BBQ,  socialising with the locals when abroad, contacting a professional for legal / health / financial advice …)

We target the issues which are usually the most problematic to non-native speakers


We specially target the following issues:

Regional accents
Idioms and idiomatic expressions
Phone conversations, when you cannot even ‘read’ the body language of your interlocutor!
Fast-paced conversation in stressful or important situations
Getting sure you are confident in your writing skills & general ability to write important letters


We aim for our language training to be nothing like school - the emphasis is on providing exciting self-development in a friendly atmosphere.

We use real-life situations, games, role-playing, pictures and original materials to make sure the students can immediately assimilate and use what has been learnt during the lessons.


All our language tutors encourage a fun and relaxed atmosphere which ensures effective and flexible learning.

Which Languages?

ProLanguageTraining provides a very extensive range of language training:

All the main European Languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish

among others...  just contact us and we will provide a qualified, native tutor in the language of your choice!


Of course, we also offer tuition in Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, among others...



Just let us know which language you or your employees are interested in and we will provide you with a qualified, native tutor in the said language.


As simple as that!

Why ProLanguageTraining?

Simply because we understand your desire to learn a foreign language, whatever the reason might be: whether you want to learn for personal reasons or with a business objective in mind, we will help you to focus exclusively on your needs: the content of the course is organised around your targets!


  • Doing business with an important client from abroad,
  • Being able to deal with the overseas members of your organisation,
  • Conquering new markets,
  • Developing a fruitful collaboration with partners and colleagues all around the globe,
  • Creating and building a rapport with your overseas staff and clients!


Or for personal reasons:


  • Planning now for your retirement in a sunny place,
  • Making the most of living with a partner from overseas,
  • Acquiring a property you would like to purchase or rent for holidays abroad,
  • Getting the most out of your travels and being able to socialise with local people!

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