“I needed to find a regular discipline to learn French as we have bought a property in France and like to spend as much time there as possible.   Where we are in the southwest, there are not too many English-speaking people but the main reason for learning is for the joy of being able to parler with locals, new friends and neighbours. The ProLanguageTraining course is a great way of understanding and learning the language and is kept interesting by the great group of people in our class and the pleasant, patient and skilful way that our tutor works us.   It’s nice to actually look forward to the lesson and I am making progress and gaining confidence whilst still appreciating that there is a long way to go”.

G. Stenzhorn, Energy Broker, Corporate Risks | AonBenfield

Native qualified translators in the target language exclusively

A translation from Italian to French will be made by a French national, from France, except if your document is specifically designed for the Belgian community: in which case, we will use the services of a qualified, experienced, professional Belgian translator.


ProLanguageTraining exclusively provide translations made by native speakers in the target language, so your translation will be idiomatic and precise.


We also try to use translators who have experience in the specific field of your choice (marketing, pharmaceutical, IT,…).

We can translate legal, insurance and technical documents, CVs, websites, certificates, witness statements, certified translations – any document no matter how large or small.

If urgent we can give a very fast turnaround.


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We also can provide sworn translations from/to any language for use in courts, legal documents, contracts, official statements etc…
Sworn translations are provided in an electronic format and as a hard copy, stamped and certified.

Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions or queries !




Virtual translation tools cannot yet provide an alternative solution to a team of native, qualified, translators who translate exclusively in the target language, far from it. These electronic tools are at best suitable if you want to decipher a couple of lines of an unknown language, you certainly cannot use them to advertise your services or translate important documents.

We can provide translation in Unicode and Non-Unicode files for those of our clients wishing to have their website available in languages such as Arabic, Mandarin or Russian and expand tremendously their client-base in a single click!


Drastically improve your Google-ad word rating and target the right customers by having an opening page or the content of your web site translated. 

...and for web developers, we will offer a translation service you can easily propose to your clients when developing their website or customised programs for branches abroad: just send us the text to translate, we will do it for you.


Once again:  simply contact us for a quote or if you have any questions or queries!

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